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Annie Davies

Annie Davies - the baker behind The Sugar Cart Cakes

My fondest memories growing up were of my grandmother and I baking in her kitchen, she still has photos of the first cake we baked together. My grandmother was an exceptional cook and baker and shared her wealth of knowledge with me over the years. There is something really special to me about being able to transform a few ingredients into something utterly delicious and completely different from how it started out. I like to call it kitchen alchemy, and it does feel a little like magic! These cherished memories are what ignited my passion for baking, not only for the delicious treats we created but for the sense of togetherness. I just love how homemade cakes can help bring people together and create precious memories. This tradition is something I have continued with my children.

Growing up I spent a lot of my time baking for fun, and one year as a teenager I decided to bake cupcakes as Christmas presents for my friends. Unbeknown to me, this would be the start of my business journey. Sheila Sager of the Shrewsbury Bakehouse was the mother of one of my friends and my first critic, she called my up after trying my cakes and to my astonishment, offered me my first baking job! She was the first person to see my potential and took me under her wing. Sheila taught me how to cultivate my understanding of flavour combinations and build my confidence in my own abilities. She is still a dear friend to me all these years later, it was through her support and guidance, I was able to make the dream of having my own business a reality.


In my early days of business I supplied many local cafes and restaurants in Shrewsbury with an array of cakes and baked goods, including The Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, The Old Market Hall, The Bear Steps Cafe, The Peach Tree, Stop Cafe, and The Birds Nest. 

Now with over 12 years of experience working professionally as a baker, my wedding cake business has flourished, I have delivered cakes all over the country with one even making it into The Houses of Parliament! My cakes have featured in various wedding magazines and websites. In 2021 was awarded as an outstanding cake artist in Shropshire by the Wedding Emporium’s Wedding Industry Awards, and I am currently shortlisted as a Regional Finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards for West Midlands wedding cake designer of the year 2022.

I consider myself very lucky to have a job that I adore. I find myself inspired every day by the love stories of my clients and being able to transform features of their life, style and personality into spectacular edible artworks. I am most in my element when able to put my creativity into designing something completely unique. Weddings are truly special and often one of the most important days in a person’s life. It is so rewarding being a part of such a wonderful occasion for people and to be able to share in their excitement and joy.


Outside of work, I absolutely love going out walking in the hills and exploring lesser-known public footpath routes - unsure where I may end up! I have a real affinity with the botanical world and draw a lot of inspiration from nature. I am a mother to two lovely boys who share in my love of creativity and of adventuring outdoors.  At home my house and garden is filled with plants - many of which I have grown myself. As a fun experiment this year I have planted an obscene array of stunning and unusual flowers in the hopes that I may be able to offer some of them for use in upcoming wedding cake designs. 

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